One of the vandalized cars
One of the vandalized cars Hezki Baruch

A number of Jewish-owned vehicles were vandalized over the weekend in the French Hill neighborhood of Jerusalem.

Arabic slogans were spray painted on the vehicles, with some being vandalized with the phrase “Jerusalem is ours”.

“This is how Arab criminals treated my car,” wrote Eli Nisan, whose car was one of the vehicles targeted by the vandals.

“If this would happen in an Arab village, the media would be churning out reports about a ‘hate crime’. But since this happened in our neighborhood, there’s no place for the story in the Israeli media.”

“Without a doubt the time has come for the police to get to work and catch the criminals who are now adding in nationalistically-motivated crime, and are flowing from Arab neighborhoods into the pastoral, beautiful neighborhoods of northern Jerusalem,” wrote Jerusalem City Councilman Aryeh King.

Israeli police said in a statement Sunday that incidents of vandalism were reported in a number of northern Jerusalem neighborhoods.

“During the Sabbath, police were called to the neighborhoods of French Hill and Ramat Eshkol amid reports that 13 vehicles had been spray painted. Police investigators have opened a probe and are gathering evidence.”