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It's gratifyingly amazing to Republicans that the pundits of such Leftist media giants as CNN, The New Yorker, The Washington Post, CBS News, Esquire, Politico, USA Today and Vice, know or evidence any knowledge of the Madison Avenue truism, "There's no such thing as bad publicity," when they all simultaneously (and at the same time) dig their teeth into....Laura Loomer.

You don't know who Laura Loomer is? Count yourself among the millions of other in-the-dark Americans until, thankfully, the progressive's media attack dogs started snapping at Laura's heels. She's the 27 year old woman whose primary victory over 5 other South Florida Republicans will have her face off against Lois Frankel, a 4 termed, tired 72 year old Democrat incumbent. The district is heavily Democrat and Loomer's chances of winning the seat were slim because of her political inexperience, youth and lack of name recognition. But...........

Hold it there: that was until the aforementioned media got into the act by labeling Loomer as "Islamophobic," "a conspiracist," "a believer in law and order,"- heaven forfend - "a loyal Trumper" and "a follower of QAnon," whatever the hell that is. Andrew Marantz, in The New Yorker, talks of her eating at Katz's Deli, (the hint to one and all that's she's old-fashioned Jewish although the deli is only kosher-styel,) that she lives in a "dreary apartment," that she had a "raucous victory party" after her election and that she was "the most banned woman in America."

Put all of these descriptions of Laura Loomer together and she'd be sentenced in a progressive court of law to at least, life imprisonment. Marantz also writes that she's "an unreconstructed guerilla." When pronounced aloud, the word, "guerilla" is heard as "gorilla." Would anyone in his/her right mind, get away with using that word to describe, let's say, Michelle Obama, Kamala Harris or Al Sharpton? But in attacking a white, conservative, Jewish woman, anything goes and is accepted by the Radical Left.

It's eye-opening to search and find nothing negative from these media pundits about the overt Jew/Israel hating rants from such Democrat Congresspeople as Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and Georgia's Hank Johnson.

Omar accused American Jews of treason and controlling our government with "Benjamins." Tlaib has doubts, publicly, about evidence of the Holocaust and Johnson called Jews, termites. "They get into your house and eat it up." He's also the dimwit who claimed that too much construction on the island of Guam might "tip it over and capsize it."

But Laura Loomer, now, is a racist, a bigot and dumb? And what was seen, heard or read about Maxine Waters, a House Committee Chair, referring to Republicans as "scumbags?" Different rules for different folks depending on their political and genetic tinting, I guess.

So, let's get back to Laura Loomer. What stimulates the Progressive media to go after her? Are there fears that Lois Frankel is vulnerable? That she needs their shoring up since she is rarely seen or involved in the community due to her cozying up to her buddies, Jim Beam and Johnny Walker?

A strong incumbent never gives an opponent this kind of publicity. What does Loomer offer District 21 that makes the Dems edgy? She's a young woman, a total political conservative who is fearless and would take on all the radical women in the House if elected and they'd come out bruised and bloody.

She would not permit the deadly 13% Racial Quota integration system to be implemented in and destroy communities such as Palm Beach County. She would vote to ban illegal immigration. She would vote to lower taxes. She would vote to keep "God" in our Pledge. She would vote to build up our military. Ditto for our law enforcement personnel. She would vote in support of our nation's keeping Israel as an ally. She would vote against late term and abortion on demand. In short, she'd be a much needed, forceful, fearless, Conservative leader in Congress.

And she'll stand strong alongside and fight for President Donald Trump. Your vote in Florida District 21 will topple the incumbent, invisible Lois Frankel, who has accomplished zilch during her 4 useless terms in office other than rubber stamp the lunatic legislation of Nancy Pelosi. Let's hope the media keeps beating up on and giving publicity to Laura Loomer. We are happy they are willing to help..

Alan Bergstein, lecturer and columnist, is an editorial writer for The NY Jewish Voice and a retired NYC school principal A father of four, he is a Korean War veteran and Jewish activist who is President of the Judeo/Christian Republican Club of Palm Beach County, Florida..