Netanyahu meets with Mike Pompeo
Netanyahu meets with Mike PompeoKoby Gideon/GPO

Erez Tadmor wrote a book entitled “Why Do You Get Left-Wing When You Vote Right-Wing”. His answer is that a significant part of the control has remained in the hands of the left-leaning elites, who have previously gained power in the legal, media, cultural and academic spheres.

Tadmor’s conclusion is correct, but not entirely. If Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who comes from the Right-wing camp, was interested, he could bring about a change in the centers of power in the State of Israel, but despite his having presided over the longest tenure in the history of the State of Israel, he has not done this, and this is one of the reasons that we have some penetrating questions about his leadership and his world-view:

Is Benjamin Netanyahu actually Right-wing? Is the Bar Ilan speech the expression of Right-wing positions? Is agreeing to a Palestinian state Right-wing? Is removing sovereignty from the agenda Right-wing? Is persistent rejection of all legislation on the subject of sovereignty Right-wing? Is preventing a vote on the Law of Regulation Right-wing? Is the freeze on Giv’at Hamatos in Jerusalem Right-wing? Is the settlement freeze Right-wing? Is the non-enforcement of law against unrestrained, illegal Arab encroachment of the land around the Jewish communities in Area C Right-wing?

Launching sharp and penetrating criticism only against the media, the court, academia and their affiliates is like providing the Prime Minister with a bullet-proof vest.

Time and again, the Prime Minister of Israel talks Right-wing but acts Left-wing. A short time before each of the recent elections Netanyahu was careful to market himself as someone who would bring sovereignty to Judea and Samaria. Time and again we went to the ballot boxes, time and again he was elected to the leadership and nothing happened. Now, the agreement with the Emirates is the ladder he uses to come down from the sovereignty tree that he had climbed on. Again, Netanyahu buries sovereignty, and this time unceremoniously and ignominiously, not before carefully spreading more promises that sovereignty has not been taken off the agenda, it is only delayed…

As someone with historic vision, the Prime Minister is well aware that sovereignty is the natural course of Zionism. Sovereignty is the realization of our right to this Land, according to the Bible, history, geography, international law and especially from the point of view of justice. Netanyahu knows all of this, but he prefers the agreement with the United Emirates, who were never even at war with us.

As a successful marketing person, he also sells us the agreement as “peace for peace”, despite his agreement being a critical blow to the future of the People of Israel in this Land and the Zionist vision that led us to her. In order to promote his dangerous political steps, Netanyahu blinds the public with bread and circuses, with luxury hotels, amusement parks and golden beaches, which are expected to absorb Israel’s thrill-seekers. The future is sold for the lentil stew of the present.

Netanyahu’s marketing machine and its emissaries in the media and the Knesset tell us that the agreement with the Emirates has bypassed the Palestinians, ignored them and determined a new norm of peace without concessions, without a linkage to the Palestinian problem. Listening to the remarks of Jared Kushner, the U.S. president’s advisor and son-in-law, makes it clear to us that the agreement does include a return to the two-states plan and without it, it would not have been possible to advance the agreement with the Emirates. And we ask: why does Israel need to capitulate? Knowing that the Sunni states desperately need a connection with Israel and the U.S., Israel can and should demand that the relations be based on our rights to our Land! Why is Israel again expected to make concessions? Why can’t there be an agreement with the UAE and sovereignty as well?

And in case we need another hint that a Palestinian state is indeed on the agenda, it is enough to remember who Muhammad ben Zaid’s closest advisor is, well-known to us as one of those who formulated the Oslo Accord, terrorist Muhammad Dahlan, who is waiting for the battle of succession for the PA leadership. Does anyone think that with such a matchmaker, the wedding will not include a “bridegroom of blood”?

Even if the Prime Minister decorates the disaster of a Palestinian state with colorful scenes of agreements, the truth will be apparent with the first exploding balloons floating over Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.
The process of sovereignty must be advanced without any regard or connection to a Palestinian state. Even if the Prime Minister decorates the disaster of a Palestinian state with colorful scenes of agreements, the truth will be apparent with the first exploding balloons floating over Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Faced with such plans, we have stood strong and we will continue to stand strong. True sovereignty does not depend on a bloody price of establishing a Palestinian state in the heart of our Land!

True Israeli interest is that there be measured and considered steps of sovereignty while making it clear to the people and the world that these are only the first steps in a series to be continued. This is the Right’s political plan, this is the democratic choice of the majority of the people in Israel.

The Prime Minister’s supporters in his party and in the Right camp in general, must demand answers from him to the critical questions about his political conduct and his policy. If they still see him as the head of the Right camp, they must see reality correctly and demand action from Netanyahu, and the main action that is required now is the application of Israeli sovereignty over Judea and Samaria. Only in this way will it be possible to promote massive settlement. The application of sovereignty will also be the way to be faithful to his campaign promise as well as a case of historic justice and living the Zionist vision.

Sovereignty will come, with G-d’s help. From a right-wing prime minister, we expect an increase in Israel’s strength with independent steps of leadership. Israel has her own considerations and interests and she should act only according to those. A declaration of sovereignty can be such a dramatic step, a step that will result in the entire world hearing and discovering the historic truth and justice that Israel carries. Such a step would also make clear to the Arabs of Judea and Samaria who the real owners of the Land are, it would erase their desire to establish a state on our ruins, and ultimately, bring stability, security and calm. And this will be true normalization.