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The main suspect in the Eilat rape case on Thursday denied the accusations, saying, "It never happened, it never was."

However, one of the adult suspects in the case has admitted to filming the incident.

On Thursday morning, it was revealed that the alleged victim gave additional testimony, which supports the suspicions against those involved.

Also on Thursday, a few of the suspects were brought for an extension of their arrest, and Israel Police announced that there may be additional arrests.

Earlier this week, attorney Amit Weitzman, who is representing two of the suspects, told Arutz Sheva: "It's unthinkable that this entire story will be blown out of proportion and publicized in the media and on Facebook and social media so much that the police cannot conduct a reliable investigation while protecting the suspects' rights and reaching the truth."

"The media wants to see guilty parties who the are prosecuted for the incident, without a proper investigation being conducted and without knowing if it happened or didn't happen," he added, noting that this investigation is being conducted differently due to pressure from the media, and the proof is that everyone who was in the hotel has been arrested.

"Someone threw out the number thirty, and the police want to find thirty suspects."

"People who are arrested go through hell, especially if they did nothing. Who will ask their forgiveness afterwards? Who will tell them, 'We made a mistake, go home'? If the investigation would be conducted properly, in the police's rooms, there would be at most three or four people arrested, and from among them, they would find those who had relations with the girl."