Mitzpe Kramim
Mitzpe KramimGideon Marmelstein

The Supreme Court ruled on Thursday that the housing units in the Binyamin community of Mitzpe Kramim must be demolished within the next three years. The judges further ruled that the State has the responsibility of demolishing the structures and gave the residents three years to find another place to live.

Justices Esther Hayut and Hanan Melcer wrote the majority opinion to reject the petition to normalize Mizpe Kramim. Justice Neal Hendel wrote the minority opinion.

The court ordered the cessation of "all construction and preparation of land in plots 13 and 23 in block number 19 in the lands of the village of Deir Jarrir, for the prevention of construction of illegal structures on the site and for the evacuation of existing structures in plots that were illegally constructed."

he judges emphasized that "a large part of the responsibility for the difficult and painful outcome for the residents of Mitzpe Kramim rests with the state and the conduct of the relevant parties in it both in real time and during the management of the various proceedings over Mitzpe Kramim in court."

According to the ruling, "the evacuation of the buildings will take place only after the residents have found, within 36 months from the date of the ruling, a proper and appropriate alternative solution by allocating alternative land on state lands and erecting alternative structures or relocating existing structures to the alternative land."