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Givatayim Mayor Ran Konik on Thursday spoke with 103 FM Radio regarding the Education Ministry's plans for the upcoming school year.

Under the new plans, students in grades 3-12 would be split into groups of 18 students each, and students in grades 4-12 would be required to wear masks both in class and at recess.

"We have a situation here that since most of the guidelines and solutions are not implementable, the system is exhausted, it's tiring. There's wasted energy on the part of all the municipal systems. The children mix with each other, and the whole idea of capsules has disappeared. In this situation, there are no simple solutions - if there are any at all," Konik said.

"Our leaders don't have the guts to say the truth," he emphasized. "Either we don't study at all right now, and no one goes to school at least until after the holidays, or everyone goes and takes the chance and we deal with the repercussions."

"What they're presenting right now is just a facade. The whole idea of capsules is one big bluff, it doesn't hold water.

"People said that for us, the school year would begin on the first of September, and end on the second of September. There are all sorts of guidelines that I became exhausted just from reading. In class they are in capsules, at recess they mix. In afternoon programs they mix with children from three grades, in the afternoons they're at different activities, at Scouts."