Voter arrives at polling site in New Hampshire primary
Voter arrives at polling site in New Hampshire primaryReuters

In the Trump 2016 Presidential run, the cabal of President Obama, VP Biden, and the corrupt FBI came up with an “insurance plan” If Donald Trump was actually elected: they would paralyze his administration with the Russia-Hoax. It almost worked.

This time around, a close observation of what is going on, seems to lead to the conclusion that the Democrats have what they think is an even better “Plan B Insurance Policy,” one that they hope will keep Trump from actually starting to serve his second elected term. Once you understand the ramifications of alleged Democrat Plan B, everything the Democrats have gone hysterical about concerning “mail-in voting” over the past month makes perfect sense.

How would this Democrat Plan B work? By intentionally causing total national chaos with mail-in voting, the Democrats hope to delay and cripple the timely convocation of the Electoral College. By effectively and permanently delaying the Electoral College tally for Trump, the Democrats will claim that Trump’s term has “ended” at noon January 20, 2021.

Under the US Constitution, if there is a failure of the Presidency (and at the same time, the Vice Presidency), the then-Speaker of the House automatically becomes President. "President" Pelosi would then quickly and legally manage a coup d’etat by holding the reins of a Justice Department that will kneel at her feet and do her bidding in court.

I hear you. “Langfan has gone off the deep end again just like he did 15 years ago in 2006 when he predicted that there would a rapprochement between Israel and the Gulf states.”

Well, when the Democrats went whole hog on the “mail-in ballot” scheme, I actually did conclude immediately that the Democrats were planning a “Pelosi as President” result I just kept it to myself. Then, no one less than legal luminary, Harvard Law School Constitutional scholar, Lawrence Tribe, let the “coup out of the bag” and confirmed my analysis.

Earlier this month, Tribe opined on MSNBC,"They're trying to make it look chaotic, but there is a fail-safe mechanism built into the Constitution itself. And that is no matter how much dust [Trump] throws into the gears, at high noon on Jan. 20, 2021, if there has not been a new president elected, at that point, Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the House, becomes president of the United States."

So, with the Trump-hating Tribe publicizing the idea of a “President Pelosi” due to a crippled US Electoral College vote as a backdrop, everything the Democrats have been ranting about the “Post Office” makes perfect sense.

Imagine the mainstream media in full ranting mode on how the mail-in vote has paralyzed the choosing of electors, while myriad lawsuits are filed in multiple states seeking temporary restraining orders on the processing of mail-in ballots. And now, the Democrats are priming the pump and designing the exact scenario for electoral chaos which will cripple the electoral college vote well past noon on January 20th, the day and time the 20th Amendment states the President “term” has ended.

What happens then? The simplest “legal path” is that the Democrats and their mainstream media lackeys will say that since no president or vice-president has been “elected,” under US constitutional succession, the Speaker of the House, aka Nancy Pelosi, will automatically become President. She will then take absolute control of the Justice Department and basically have effected a coup d’etat against President Trump.

There are, it is true, other possibilities under the 20th Amendment that are too complicated to go into here involving the House of Representatives voting for President. This would result in a cancellation of the Presidential Election and a majority of the House voting a Democrat into the Presidency.

The bottom line is the Democrats have an easily discernable agenda undergirding their “Postal Mail-in Vote” campaign. The Democrats know that national mail-in balloting will sabotage the entire voting process. It's not what so many of us think, that they don’t understand that mail-in voting will cause chaos and allow for corruption in the voting itself. It’s the exact opposite, they fully intend and are planning for there to be total chaos.

The Democrats are knowingly sabotaging the American electoral process so that in the event of a possible Trump victory, they can invoke Plan B, effect what is to all intents and purposes a coup d’etat, and install "President" Nancy Pelosi.

The Trump Administration needs to expose this attempt for what it is now before the Election Day train-wreck enables the Democrats to steal the election, steal the country, and destroy the bedrock of world democracy: America. We are roughly 60 days from what could be the effective end of the democratic United States of America.