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With the US presidential election being around the corner, the Republican Party in Israel has hired media consultants and strategists to carry out activities in Israel similar to the ones carried out during the previous election, the haredi Kikar HaShabbat website reports.

There are hundreds of thousands of Israeli citizens with American citizenship who can vote and influence the US election, and the team has already begun a series of studies and in-depth surveys and will carry out outreach and strategic activities aimed at recruiting American citizens in Israel to vote for incumbent President Donald Trump.

The general team will be coordinated by Ariel Sander. Strategic adviser Yerach Toker, who was also a member of the professional team in the previous election, will once again work among the haredi public.

The Israeli team was set up by the Republican Party in Israel, led by Marc Zell, who said that this time the campaign would be centered on giving thanks to President Trump for everything he did for the Jewish people and the people of Israel.

"We believe that hundreds of thousands of Jews and lovers of Israel from all over the country who have the ability to thank President Trump for everything he has done for us in recent years, will indeed do so," said Zell.