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With schools opening again amid the Coronavirus pandemic, many parents are worried about the safety of their children.

It is not without reason that parents are fearful, the virus is highly infectious and can cause death in the worst cases.

With that said, schools are open and precautions need to be taken. One option that might make a difference is using air purifiers in classrooms.

It’s a strategy that was recommended by experts and more than one US university have shared ways to determine how strong a purifier would be needed to keep students safe.

Air Purifiers Can Help Covid-19 Prevention

By taking a good look at the ventilation systems of schools, prevention of Covid-19 can be assisted.

Since the Coronavirus can be spread through the air, controlling the air is a good idea.

The universities that did research - Harvard University and the University of Colorado - created a calculator that can be downloaded. This calculator can help schools work out how powerful the air purifiers they want to use should be.

The first steps of having safe schools are obviously to make sure that the schools’ ventilation systems are working properly. Then, all windows should be able to open and allow in fresh air.

After that, air purifiers should be used to increase the quality of the air in classrooms. As a result, it is possible that Air Purifiers can help Covid-19 prevention.

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Can Air Purifiers Quietly Kill Coronavirus?

There is much that we do not know about the CoronaVirus yet so this is a question that can’t be answered yet.

However, it has been found that less dust means fewer opportunities for viruses and bacteria.

As a result, the virus has less mobility in your area and you have better protection. Even the more quiet purifiers are able to help with this.

Keeping students safe from infection with the use of air purifiers (related news) as well as properly working air filters seem to be one of the best ideas.

Although schools are asking students to wear masks and practice social distancing, everyone knows that is easier said than done.

On top of that, quiet air purifiers help with sleep - just another great reason to invest in a good purifier.

Which Air Purifiers Would Work Best?

Of course, not every class would need an air purifier. But those that do, would have to invest in high-quality products.

SnoringSource.com recommends that you use a quiet air purifier in a classroom. That way, it won’t disrupt your class as much.

Two of the best options are The Alen BreatheSmart air purifier and the Dyson Pure Cool Air Purifier.

The Alen air purifier is ideal for larger rooms and can clean up to 800 sq feet every half an hour.

That means you can effectively use this quiet air purifier in nurseries, classrooms and kitchens.

It is also able to capture more than 99.95% of airborne particles that are as small as 0.3 microns.

The Dyson is also a respectable choice and actually one of the most popular brands globally.

This particular model (Dyson Pure Cool Air Purifier) has a HEPA filter - recommended for situations such as schools needing protection from Covid-19.

The strong filter in this Dyson air purifier can also remove more than 99.95% of airborne allergens and pollutants that are as small as 0.3 microns.

Schools Opening Again

In the state of Massachusetts, almost 70% of schools want students to come back to school physically. This is despite teachers and parents worrying about the safety of everyone involved.

Schools will have to do all they can to keep the students and teachers (and other staff members) safe against infection.

Roping in the help of quiet and strong air purifiers may be just what schools need.