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Eilat's Red Sea Hotel on Sunday received a warning from Israel Police after minors were seen drinking alcohol publicly, without being disturbed, Israel Hayom reported.

The warning follows a hearing, which was held after footage from the hotel's security cameras showed the minors drinking alcohol in the hotel, as well as after hotel workers and customers gave testimony.

The hotel management did not report any of the instances to Israel Police as the law requires. At the end of the hearing, the hotel's owners were asked to adhere to the guidelines.

On Sunday, a senior hotel employee was arrested on suspicion that she would interfere with the investigations in the recent rape case, as well as on suspicion that she had failed to prevent a crime. She and seven minor suspects will be brought Monday to the Ashkelon Magistrates Court for an extension of their arrest.

So far, 11 suspects have been arrested. The arrest of the main suspect, Issi Rafailov, 27, was extended on Sunday by five days. Rafailov is a known violent criminal, who in the past told a policewoman, "I would rape you."

According to Israel Hayom, police believe that the testimony of the alleged 16-year-old victim was very detailed and reliable, and that her friend's testimony together with forensic and technological evidence add to the proofs of the case. Attorney Shani Moran, who is representing the girl, said in her name that she will "do whatever is necessary in order to reach the truth. She is willing to stand opposite every single one of them in a debate. The version which she said is truthful and strong. She connected some of the involved suspects to the event and gave proofs to the police."