Entrance to Rebbe Nachman's tomb in Uman
Entrance to Rebbe Nachman's tomb in Uman ISTOCK

The government's coronavirus project manager, Prof. Ronni Gamzu, has doubled down on his original position regarding flights to Ukraine prior to the Rosh Hashanah holiday, urging the government to block pilgrims from going to visit Uman en masse this year.

"I have no intention of changing my mind, and I am certain that government ministers will accept my position and prevent Israelis from flying to Uman," Gamzu said.

"The Torah obligates all of us to 'protect your lives very much' and a gathering of tens of thousands of people will undoubtedly make Israel a 'red country' and lead to a lockdown that will harm all Israeli citizens. I feel very much for Breslover chassidim, but despite their great desire to reach the holy site in Uman, the protection of the health of Israeli citizens is more important," he concluded.

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