Unboxing Israel Summit 2020
Unboxing Israel Summit 2020 Vibe Israel

The Unboxing Israel Summit 2020 hosted by Vibe Israel and Vibe Israel USA on August 13th, 2020 was a dynamic, interactive online conference sharing ideas, and techniques on how to share Israel’s story with the next generation in an attractive and relevant way.

The conference was attended by approximately 200 people from over 120 Jewish organizations from around the world - professionals engaging young adults with Israel – Jewish community leaders, educators, marketers, and Israel travel pros.

For this Summit, Vibe Israel partnered with The Jewish Agency for Israel, Hillel International, the Consulate General of Israel in NY, The Jewish Federations of North America, the JCC Association of North America and the Israeli Ministry of Tourism.

During the conference, the Vibe Israel team shared their expertise in country branding and working with social media and online influencers.

Joanna Landau, CEO and founder of Vibe Israel said: "The Jewish communities around the world are currently facing a huge challenge when trying to connect their next generation to the community and to Israel. The training we are offering aims to face that challenge and introduce a new approach to Israel Education – one that will result in people choosing to engage with Israel. Present-day Israel has so much to offer the next generation and embodies the values it holds dear. All we need to do - is show them".

Program highlights included:

Welcome to the Supermarket of Nations: An overview of country branding and the latest research on Next Gen perceptions of Israel

Telling Israel's Story to the Next Generation: How can Jewish professionals connect the next generation in their organizations to Israel and incorporate Israel’s story into their work using storytelling tools and techniques that will engage the next generation.

Unboxing Influencer Marketing, Israel-style: All about working with digital influencers, including an “Ask Me Anything” with two Vibe Israel alums with legions of followers.

In addition, guests who wished to learn more, were invited to participate in the following Deep-Dive Sessions:

What’s love got to do with it? CEO of Bloom Consulting, the leading agency for country and city branding working with Vibe Israel, about their research on Next Gen perceptions of Israel, and.... love.

Understand Generation Z: Keys to Connect and Engage the Next Generation with Ryan Jenkins

Meet the generation that's never been offline. Generation Z—born after 1998—is pouring into the marketplace. They have an entirely different approach to communication, technology, and work than previous generations (even the Millennials). Growing up enabled and empowered by a tech-heavy and digital world, Generation Z has new strengths, weaknesses, needs, and wants. Discover who is Generation Z and how best to connect and engage this unprecedented generation.

5 tips on how to tell Israel's story: Putting it into practice with Lipaz Ela, Manager of the Vibe Israel Academy. Practical solutions that Jewish professional can implement in their work immediately.