Children in daycare (illustrative)
Children in daycare (illustrative)iStock

Israel Police on Wednesday opened an investigation into a childcare center in Haifa, after parents raised concerns that the lead teacher at the center was abusing two-year-olds in her care, Kikar Hashabbat reported.

"In accordance with the findings and the testimonies, the teacher will be called for an interrogation - if it becomes necessary," an Israel Police spokesperson said.

The investigation comes in the wake of two others. The first case involves nine suspects and 43 children in a Ramle daycare center which provided care for children ages three months to three years. Four of the suspects have already been indicted.

The second case, which came to light earlier this week, involves six suspects from a daycare center in Holon, which serves the same age group.

In that case, parents took the initiative and requested the center's security cameras, due to concerns raised by their children's behavior and the news regarding the Ramle childcare center.