Packet of seeds
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In recent months, several Israelis have received small packets of seeds via delivery services, even though the residents had not ordered the packets.

Current information shows that these packages seem to have been sent from China, and that such complaints have been voiced mostly by residents of the US, England, and Portugal. However, the mysterious packages have recently begun to arrive in Israel as well.

Despite the fact that not all the details are clear, and the motivation for sending the packages is also not clear, Israel's Ministry of Agriculture and Village Development has issued a warning to Israelis, instructing anyone who receives a mysterious packet of seeds to report it immediately to the Isolation Department of the Plant Protection and Supervision Services at the Agriculture Ministry, so that they can be taken for inspection. The Ministry emphasized that the seeds should not be used or disposed of.

The Ministry also emphasized that seeds and other agricultural products may not be imported or used without the required permits, which ensure that the product is clean of pests and diseases. Most of these pests and diseases are not visible to the naked eye, and symptoms may still appear on the seeds in the future. Therefore, importing seeds without permission may bring a new pest or disease to Israel, harming local agriculture and destroying entire industries and Israel's ecosystem.

In order to ensure that the product arriving in Israel meets the import requirements, the Plant Protection and Supervision Services conduct tests and approve requests submitted by importers or citizens who are interested in importing an agricultural product.

Seeds, fruits, and vegetables may not be brought into the State of Israel without supervision.

Anyone receiving one of these packages is asked to contact the Agriculture Ministry's Plant Protection and Supervision Services.