The new production line
The new production lineOr Kaplan

Health Minister Yuli Edelstein (Likd) and Samaria Regional Council Head Yossi Dagan on Tuesday morning visited the Supergum factory in the Barkan Industrial Zone.

At the factory, the two viewed a new production line for surgical masks. These masks will be marketed both to Israelis and to customers abroad.

Emphasizing the importance of Judea and Samaria's factories, Edelstein said, "The residents of Judea and Samaria protect the citizens of Israel, and as you see here at this factory, they also protect us health-wise."

"Soon the day will come when we will officially apply Israeli law to Samaria, to the Binyamin Region, and to Judea. In the meantime, we are applying sovereignty on the ground."

He emphasized: "We need to build in every place, we must give every girl and boy in Samaria the same full rights as children in Tel Aviv have. We must protect the families who are here and who are fulfilling Zionism. We will annex through deeds, not with words, not with announcements, not with promises."

"I want to say something else: In the Supergum factory in Barkan, as in many other factories, a lot of Palestinians work as well. Our presence helps them also. A Palestinian state is a terror state both for Israeli citizens and Palestinian Authority Arab citizens. As long as I am in the government, a Palestinian state will not be created."

Dagan added: "Here, we built a magnificent industrial zone. We didn't ask permission from the American government, we are producing masks here for the entire State of Israel, ten million masks each month, and we did not ask approval from any American official."

"Hundreds of thousands of Israelis live here, and no one who moved here asked permission from Jared Kushner. And that's how we need to do sovereignty as well." He also slammed the recent deal with the United Arab Emirates, comparing it to "selling Judea and Samaria for a plane ticket to Abu Dhabi."

Calling on Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu "not to hide behind Kushner's apron," Dagan emphasized: "Netanyahu is my prime minister. I chose him," but added that "the responsibility for the collapse of the State of Israel's important diplomatic goals" rests on Netanyahu himself.

"We have never given up, and we will never give up, on the Land of Israel," Dagan promised.

Yaniv Hadad, CEO of Supergum, said: "The new production line will allow the healthcare system a complete supply of masks, without being dependent on imports, while ensuring the production of the highest quality masks. Despite this, unfortunately, most of the government offices and large organizations prefer to purchase imported masks."

"The State of Israel, especially now, needs to preserve Israeli production, while ensuring the welfare and health of the Israeli public."