An Israeli reporter fainted during a live broadcast from the city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Sunday night.

Doron Herman, a reporter from Israel's Channel 13 News, was covering the peace deal which Israel and the UAE agreed to last week.

News anchor Hila Korach attempted to speak to Herman during a segment on the deal. When he did not respond she speculated that the distance between Israel and Dubai was affecting reception. A few moments, later, Herman collapsed on live television.

Herman appears to have fainted from heat exhaustion, with temperatures n Dubai reaching a high of 97 degrees Fahrenheit on Sunday.

Channel 12 News spoke to Herman's mother on Monday, who stated that when she saw the video she feared that her son had been stabbed from behind.

Herman later posted a video to his Facebook page in which he told those worried about him that he was doing fine.

"The heat is unbearable… I’ve learned my lesson. Today, I’ve been drinking all day,” Herman said.