Kim Jong Un
Kim Jong UnReuters

The New York Post reports North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has ordered pet dogs confiscated in the country’s capital, saying the pets represent Western “decadence’.

The directive was issued in July, explaining pet dogs were part of “a tainted trend by bourgeouis ideology,’’ the Post quoted Chosun Ilbo, a South Korean newspaper.

“Ordinary people raise pigs and livestock on their porches, but high-ranking officials and the wealthy own pet dogs, which stoked some resentment’’ among the lower classes, the paper's source said.

“Authorities have identified households with pet dogs and are forcing them to give them up or forcefully confiscating them and putting them down.’’

The paper says dog owners are fearful that given North Korea’s food shortage and propensity for eating dog meat, the directive has only come about to feed the masses.

The dog owners are “cursing Kim Jong Un behind his back,” but are powerless, the source said.