Smashed windshield
Smashed windshieldCourtesy of the photographer

This morning, Monday, a terrorist threw a rock at the vehicle of a Jewish family near the Arab village of Tekoa in Gush Etzion. There were no casualties, but the vehicle's windshield was damaged.

The father of the family managed to reach the entrance of the nearby Jewish community of Tekoa, to which police arrived, and filed a complaint. In addition, the father called the hotline for reporting stone-throwing terror incidents of the Honenu legal organization, which will monitor the complaint filed and verify that the investigation into the incident is exhausted.

The father of the family and his four children, aged ten, seven, five and two, had left their home in Rosh Tzurim for a "fun day" in Jerusalem. The father recounted, "At 10:06 I said the Traveler's Prayer, I also added 'and save us.. from road accidents and terrorists.' 20 seconds later I see a 17 year old youth with a brown shirt on the right side of the road at the bend in the road where the school is. I see him raising his hand, about to throw a rock, and I have no place to go."

The father added, "My ten-year-old daughter was sitting in the front, the other three children were sitting in the back. We heard a boom, the windshield was hit, right in front of my daughter. All the children went into a panic and started screaming and crying." The father, for whom this was his first experience in a stone-throwing attack, did not lose his bearings, and continued driving as he called the hotline.

The family stopped at the front gate of the Jewish community of Tekoa, to which police and MDA medics arrived. The father of the family complained to police on the spot and also went to the Moriah police station in Jerusalem to file a complaint. He received a certificate of damages and a terror victim certificate.

The Honenu organization called on anyone who has found himself in a stone throwing or Molotov cocktail attack to contact the organization's hotline to bring the terrorists to justice. To date, the vast majority of stone throwing terrorists have not been caught, and the group hopes to bring about a change in the matter, both through guidance for travelers in Judea and Samaria and through legal follow-up on the complaints filed.