Amir Peretz
Amir Peretz Tomer Neuberg/Flash90

Labor Minister Amir Peretz (Labor) on Monday morning spoke about his discussions with other MKs regarding his candidacy for position of president.

A new president is expected to be elected in approximately ten months.

In an interview with Kan Bet, Peretz said that after his discussions with MKs regarding the important issues affecting Israel's economy, he "holds discussions with them about the presidency."

"I wish our President the very best," Peretz said. "He does good work."

"I think that one of the most urgent issues facing Israeli citizens of all religions and ethnicities is that of healing the rifts, and I think that I can do that, due to my extensive experience and familiarity."

However, Peretz noted that "everything has its time" and right now the most urgent issue is that of Israel's economy.

Peretz did not discuss the fact that he must obtain the support of a majority of MKs in order to be elected president, but when questioned on the Labor party's future, he said that the party "will definitely continue," noting that it had already been eulogized in the past, but still continues to exist today.

In the March 2020 elections, Labor ran on a joint ticket with the Meretz party, following a promise by Blue and White that they would support his candidacy for president if he did so.

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