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It started with the “Occupy Wall Street” Movement. The Democrats saw an enthusiasm that they thought could be capitalized on (pardon the pun) at the polls to win elections. After all, the Democrats hated the “One-Percenters” just as much as the Occupy Wall Street folks hated the One-Percenters, (except, of course, when it comes to Democrat political donations).

But, what started with the “Occupy” Movement has become an amalgam of the white-fascist Antifa and the black-fascist Black Lives Matter. Over the last two to three months, the Democrat Party, its Democrat governors and its Democrat mayors believed it was to their electoral advantage to kow-tow to these violent, looting, fire-starting laser-pointing mobs, and let them run rampant.

The Democrat Presidential Nominee Joe Biden and the entire Democrat Party, with few exceptions, co-opted the “Defund the Police” and the Antifa/BLM platform virtually lock, stock and barrel. The Democrat Party has become the Mobocrat Party and is leading the United States into a tyrannical socialist-cum-communist abyss from which we, the American People, and the world, will never recover.

Firstly, the Democrat leaders’ validation and acquiescence to violent mobs in Portland, Seattle and everywhere else proves the Democrats don’t “Hate Donald Trump;” it proves the Democrats hate America, and everyone who works hard, has a job, and wants to live in safety and peace.

What does “Defund the Police” have to do with Donald Trump? Everyone know that “Defund the the Police” only means, in reality, “Fund the armed Drug Gangs” that will rule the vacuum left by the Democrats crippling and defunding the police.

Obama knew well that when he retreated from Iraq, Iran would simply fill the vacuum left by his retreat. But Obama wanted to have Iran rule Iraq. Similarly, the Democrats know well that if they defund the police and create a security vacuum, they will be empowering the most armed and most violent elements of those city communities, aka the Drug Gangs. And just as Obama knew and wanted the terror state of Iran to rule Iraq after the US left Iraq, the Democrats know and want the Drug Gangs to rule the cities where they defund the police.

But this really brings us to the pathologic Democrat policy thinking, that of protecting and green-lighting the violent Antifa and BLM criminals to begin with:

If the Democrats thought that the mob violence was actually bad for their election prospects, they would have been, from the start, out in front trying to close the violence totally down. But the Democrats thought the gross violence was a net political positive so they sat by, and still sit by, and watch statues, businesses, and buildings torn down and burned to the ground.

The Democrats actually think they are scaring America into voting Democrat because if America votes for President Trump again, America can expect a lot more of these violent “peaceful demonstrations.” The Democrats are essentially criminally extorting America with the threat: “Either Vote for us, or the recent violence will look like child’s play compared to what you’ll get if Trump is elected again.”

This, then, leads us to the very simple question: Are these violent, fascist Antifa and BLM organizations under the control of the Democrat Party? Do the Democrats control these violent mobs? It’s a simple yes or no question

On the one hand, if the Democrats control these violent criminal mobs, then the Democrats aren’t a political party but a vast criminal/domestic terrorist organization that needs to be stopped immediately.

On the other hand, if the Democrats don’t control these violent mobs, how will the Democrats prevent these mobs if they are elected? The answer is that the to-be elected Democrats won’t be able to control the mobs. And, in fact, the mobs have already received and will receive additional police policy implementation that only makes them stronger, if not untouchable.

The question's answer postis only two possibilities: either the Democrat Party is a domestic criminal terrorist syndicate, or the Antifa/BLM criminals control the Democrat Party, and the Democrats will have less control over the violent thugs than President Trump and the Republicans have.

This makes the Democrat extortion of the American People with their “Vote Democrats, or get more violent riots” even more of a tragic criminal farce. For, if the Democrats don’t control the violent thugs now, then when they are elected, America will only get more violence with elected Democrats who will be powerless to and paralyzed from stopping the bedlam and mayhem. A Democrat win in November means America will have truly given over the keys to the asylum.

In conclusion, it seems the Antifa/BLM domestic terrorists are, today, the Democrat Party’s “Military Wing.” They both have exactly the same end-game policy platform of razing the American system to the ground and replacing it with a hybrid-racist-fascist communist system. The Democrat Party wants to rule a communist America, and Antifa wants to rule a communist America. The only question is how long the “Political Wing” of the Democrat Party will be able to keep up the charade that Military Wing Antifa/BLM is not in the real control of the Political Wing.

A vote for any Democrat candidate for any office is a vote for Antifa thugs permanently blinding Federal Officers with lasers.

A vote for any Democrat is a vote to have your house confiscated by the mobs that will soon be coming for you.

Don’t think you’re immune. Because, just remember, the Democrat Party and its Antifa and BLM brown-shirt fascist thugs aren’t coming for Trump; they are coming for America; they are coming for you.

Mark Langfan is Chairman of Americans for a Safe Israel (AFSI) and specializes in security issues, has created an original educational 3d Topographic Map System of Israel to facilitate clear understanding of the dangers facing Israel and its water