Omer Yankelevitch holds Zoom meeting with UAE JEws
Omer Yankelevitch holds Zoom meeting with UAE JEws Screenshot

On Friday, Diaspora Minister Omer Yankelevitch (Blue and White) held a Zoom meeting with dozens of members of the UAE Jewish community, including Mr. Solly Wolf, President of the UAE Jewish Community (JCC), and Rabbi Levi Duchman, Rabbi of the UAE Jewish Community.

During the meeting, it was agreed that the Diaspora Ministry would begin cooperating with the community, with the Ministry presenting plans and ideas for Jewish community and educational activities, with the community later becoming part of the Ministry's regular activities.

Yankelevitch also received an invitation to visit the community, in order to become more familiar with its members and their needs.

"The diplomatic agreement advances and very much helps the Jewish community as well," Yankelevitch said, adding that the community "for many years was isolated and cut off from the State of Israel and the global Jewish activities of the Diaspora Ministry."

"Now, together, we can leverage our abilities in the Diaspora Ministry and cooperate with the Jews of the United Arab Emirates on the Ministry's many projects, in the framework of our international activities to strengthen Jewish identity and the connection with the State of Israel."

Following the Zoom meeting, Yankelevitch sent a letter to all 1,500 members of the United Arab Emirates' Jewish community.

In the letter, she wrote: "We now have a once in a lifetime opportunity to build a living bridge between the two countries of the State of Israel and the UAE. Becoming acquainted with your community leaders today over Zoom is only the first step in the future bonds and partnerships I hope to build between us."

"The strength and beauty of your community was quite apparent from our virtual meeting and will prove a true asset for our collaboration. It was comforting to hear how you have built relationships with your neighbors and live in peace and tolerance within society in general."

The UAE is home to approximately 1,500 Jews, who preserve both tradition and the connection between its members. The community also boasts a Jewish school with over 40 students, as well as synagogues and access to kosher meat.