Hamas terrorists
Hamas terrorists Reuters

The Hamas terror group, which controls Gaza, fiercely condemned the newly-signed agreement between the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Israel, calling it "cowardly."

According to Hamas, the agreement is "a cowardly process which is a gross attack on religious, national, and historic rights in Palestine and is a stab in the back of the Palestinian nation and its fighting forces."

Hamas also claimed that the diplomatic agreement is in contradiction to the Arabic and Islamic consensus, harms the Arabic "national security," and is in opposition to the will of the people and the bodies working for them for the sake of Christianity and Islam's holy places.

This process, the terror group said, is a reflection of the national and moral low that the UAE's leaders have reached, and will end up disappointing them, since the "Zionist enemy" will never support and aid them in anything. Instead, they claimed, leaving the embrace of the Arab and Islamic world will be political and national suicide.

Hamas also claimed that the relationship between Israel and the UAE will not last long, and will not be protected from the "Palestinian wrath and its struggle against those who try to cooperate with the Zionists."