NetanyahuYossi Aloni/Flash90

The historic peace agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, which includes a postponement of the application of sovereignty in Judea and Samaria, has provoked controversy among the leaders of the settlement movement.

Efrat Mayor Oded Revivi supported the move, saying that "the Israeli agreement to postpone the application of Israeli law in Jewish communities is a worthy price" for reaching such a peace agreement.

He said, "The change of direction in the perception that settlements are not an obstacle to peace will continue to guide us in the future, and from that we should prepare ourselves to apply Israeli law in Judea and Samaria."

On the other hand, the head of the Beit El Council, Shai Alon, was furious at the delay of the application of sovereignty. "They pulled a fast one on the settlers. Our future lies in Judea and Samaria and in the courageous decisions our leaders make, not in agreements that are signed today and won't mean anything tomorrow. We've been betrayed."

A senior political figure who referred to the agreement between Jerusalem and Abu Dhabi clarified: "Sovereignty is on the agenda and [the Israeli government] is committed to it. The Trump administration has sought to temporarily suspend the declaration in order to first implement the historic peace agreement with the UAE."