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The Israeli Air Force (IAF) presented today (Thursday) the data of the "battle between the wars," which is intended to weaken the enemies of the State of Israel and stop the transfer of weapons to terrorist organizations such as Hezbollah, without dragging Israel into a new war.

Channel 13 News reported that there has been a jump of hundreds of percent in the scope of the IAF's covert operations against the build-up of enemy forces in Syria as well as the transfer of advanced weapons.

In the last five years, about 5,000 rounds of munitions of various kinds have been fired as part of the "battle between the wars campaign, in which the IDF has destroyed advanced and new weapons, as well as arms shipments that would be used operate Israel in the next war.

Most of the operations have taken place in the northern arena, primarily in Syria, where Iran has attempted in recent years to entrench itself militarily and to transfer weapons to its underlings in Hezbollah. The firepower used in the last five years is equal to the firepower which would be used in a period of between two weeks and one month in a real war.

According to Channel 13 News, the IDF has increased its activity in the northern during the coronavirus crisis, with several operations to destroy enemy weapons having been carried out since the beginning of the year.