U.S. Rep. Doug Lamborn
U.S. Rep. Doug Lamborn Reuters

Congressman Doug Lamborn has called on the Trump Administration to sever all ties with Palestinian Authority leadership until it "gives up its obsession with violence". On August 2nd, Palestinian Liberation Organization Secretary General Saeb Erekat condemned Rep. Lamborn’s call for officially designating the PA/PLO Commission of Prisoners’ Affairs and its Director Qadri Abu Bakr as "sponsors of terror" for their continued role in providing generous payments to families of murderers. Erekat called the official request by Congressman Lamborn “incitement”, “thuggery and blackmail”, and “punishing the victim”.

Rep. Lamborn issued the following statement in response to Erekat:

"The response by Secretary General Erekat demonstrates why there is no end in sight to the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. Instead of ending the monetary incentivization of terror, Erekat is once again playing the victim. His reckless attack on myself and others seeking to end the violence is concerning. Erekat has made it clear that he will continue to hold tight to the right to murder. By rewarding terrorists, the Palestinians are placing bloodshed ahead of peace."

"The only constant throughout the over-100-year conflict is the Palestinian leadership’s dedication to violence and terror. I’m grateful for the leadership of President Trump and his continued support for our friend and ally Israel. I am hopeful the Palestinians will be forced to cease their horrendous payments and that we can finally achieve peace, stability and progress in the region.”

On July 30th, Rep. Lamborn sent a letter to President Donald Trump calling for the designation of PA/PLO Commission of Prisoners’ Affairs and its Director Qadri Abu Bakr as “sponsors of terrorism” for their role in continuing generous payments to the families of terrorists.