The Rishon Lezion Magistrates Court on Wednesday allowed security footage from the Ramle childcare center abuse saga to be published.

So far, nine suspects have been arrested. Israel Police have viewed hundreds of security videos recording the abuse which went on at the center, from all of the center's eight cameras. Police have said that the videos show approximately 200 abuse incidents.

Kan News showed published a short video clip showing some of the abuse. The video clip, which has Hebrew explanations, clearly shows the abuse at the center.

Hen, the father of a girl who attended the center and suffered abuse, told Kan 11: "We want the entire nation to be shocked, so that they understand what they went through in preschool. We demand life imprisonment. Until the day I die, I will live with this pain, that I sent my daughter there."

Judge Zohar Divon Segal, who is handling the case, said in court that "this is an unusual case - we are dealing with systematic abuse at these ages. There are many incidents and many people involved, and this shows the danger."

Police also have proof that the center's owner was present during some of the abuse incidents and witnessed them, and in some instances she attacked the children herself.

Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has said that he will support MK Ofir Katz's (Likud) bill to make punishment for child abusers more severe.

"The pictures of the abuse of young children are shocking to any normal person," Netanyahu said. "Therefore, I support the bill proposed by MK Ofir Katz to increase the severity of punishments and not to allow community service, as well as to advance the installation of supervisory cameras. These are things that I will stand behind with all my might."

"We will protect our children," he promised.

Attorneys Suzy Oz Sinai Arnia and Aran Zamir, who are representing the owners of the center, responded: "An indictment will be filed on Sunday, and the severity of the proofs will be provided to us after the indictment is submitted."

"However, from the videos publicized, our clients cannot be seen as those who acted abusively, and therefore there should be a differentiation made between them and the assistants who can be seen in the clips."