Israel decided in May 1969 to settle 60,000 Palestinians in Paraguay in South America, the Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation's "International Hour" program revealed Tuesday.

Then-Prime Minister Golda Meir said in newly revealed minutes from a Ministerial Committee meeting: "Members must remember that we once discussed the possibility of Arab emigration to Brazil, and we then suggested to Zvi Zamir that he send someone to do what needs to be done to find out and bring us the results of this inquiry. Zvi Zamir is now in a position where he can tell us how the matter stands after the inquiry. A decision must be made and it is very important that the decision be made with everyone's consent."

Major General Zvi Zamir, who was the head of the Mossad in 1960, responded: "The proposal in question is the consent of the Paraguayan government, through the Paraguayan Institute of Agriculture and Immigration, to absorb for a minimum period of four years - although it can continue longer if things develop - 60,000 Arab Muslims, who by definition are not communist. It is ready to absorb them in its land, when the Israeli government meets certain conditions. This is confirmed in a letter from the Ministry of Immigration, with an agreement attached to it that does not appear in the letter from the Ministry of Immigration."

The members of the Committee were asked to approve the Mossad's proposal according to the arrangement as follows:

• The Israeli government will bear the expenses of the immigrants' travel to Paraguay
• The Israeli government will ensure that each person is equipped with about $100 for initial basic living needs
• The Israeli government will pay the Paraguayan government $33 per person for each immigrant
• Upon signing the agreement, a sum of $350,000 will be paid for the expense of the immigration of 10,000 people.