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Menachem, 77, won the "Lottery 777" draw in the amount of NIS 77,000, and for more than half a year he has been trying to get the prize from the lottery, but without success.

At the time of purchase, Menachem did not write the last four digits of the credit card as requested, and according to Mifal Hapayis, he also did not write digits of any official document in his possession.

According to a report by Avivit Misnikov on Channel 12 News, Menachem is childless and alone, and is supported by the National Insurance Institute. He had high hopes for the significant amount of money he won.

Last January he bought a scratch-off "Lottery 777" ticket and was happy to find he had won. He was surprised to find that there was no match between the form he filled out and his real details.

Menachem tried to explain to Mifal Hapayis the human error that occurred while filling out the form, and even brought evidence in the form of testimony by the lottery booth owner who sold him the ticket and said that Menachem was indeed the person who bought the winning ticket.

"I finally won and the money was taken from me," he said. "That money could really help me. It's not clear how a person who doesn't have money can be suspected of money laundering."

The Mifal Hapayis Lottery responded: "The Lottery operates in accordance with the law and is subject to a permit determined by the Finance Ministry. In accordance with the permit's conditions, and subject to the directives of the Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Authority, when there is a total error in typing the digits on the form, Mifal Hapayis is obliged to refer the issue to the regulator, who determined in this case that in light of the lack of similarity between what is written on the form and the IDs, and the fact that the customer did not provide any findings to confirm his claim, the payout for him is not approved.

"We are sorry about the case, but are bound by procedures and are subject to the law, in which case the decision in question was made after a long, professional, and orderly process from which it emerged that the details he filled out on the form did not match any certificate in his possession: ID, passport, and more, and there is no other reference that would assist in connecting between the form and the applicant. It should be emphasized that this orderly process is intended to maintain a professional mechanism for the benefit of all players and winners," the response reads.