MK Yisrael Eichler
MK Yisrael EichlerHezki Baruch

MK Yisrael Eichler (UTJ) on Monday evening spoke out against the possibility of new elections.

"Israeli politics have gone completely insane," Eichler told the Knesset. "The government may dissolve over the question of whether there'll be a one-year budget or a two-year budget. Historians wouldn't have believed it. After three rounds of difficult elections, they want to drag the country to yet another round of elections - people don't even remember what number it'll be."

Eichler noted that when Kadima joined a Netanyahu-led government, it was clear to everyone that if the government fell apart, Kadima would not receive even ten Knesset seats. The party's leaders, however, did not stand up to the pressure, and the government dissolved. In the next elections, the party won just two Knesset seats.

Turning his ire to the judicial system, Eichler noted that the courts "eliminated the position of the Knesset a long time ago. Just today, the Supreme Court ruled against demolishing the home of the terrorist who murdered Amit Ben YIgal, in the name of protecting the murderers' rights."

"Anyone who heard the cries of the bereaved father knows that the judges hammered in the last nail in the coffin of the public's trust in the Supreme Court's reign. But unlike the elected Knesset, the judges are certain of their rule. They will be there until age 70 and they are not elected by the public. Therefore, they oppress the nation, with whips and scorpions.

"Who gave them the power to destroy? Members of the Knesset, who are weak and do not stand guard, do not protect the authority of elected officials, and are not able to stand up for democracy in the face of the judicial reign of terror."

He warned: "If we hold new elections during the coronavirus outbreak, it will be an existential threat of violence between Israeli citizens. The language we're seeing now, [that of] hatred, verbal violence, may also turn into physical violence."

"I want to refer these issues to anyone who is thinking of elections during this period. This is not the time for elections. Look into the eyes of the people, into the eyes of those who chose you again and again, [into the eyes] of those who you promised to serve."

Urging his colleagues to find a way to manage the coronavirus crisis, Eichler concluded: "There will be enough time afterwards to fight and squabble. Now is not the time for new elections."