Attorney Maurice Hirsch, former Chief Military Prosecutor for Judea and Samaria and today the attorney representing the bereaved families, spoke to Arutz Sheva during the protest of bereaved families outside the home of Judge Menachem Mazuz in Jerusalem, following his ruling not to demolish the home of the murderer of Golani fighter Amit Ben Yigal.

“Our soldier, who went out looking for other terrorists to arrest, to bring them to justice, murdered along the way. And today Meni Mazuz signed a decision in the Supreme Court of Israel, in the highest court of justice in Israel, in which he lied. He simply lied,” charged Hirsch.

Mazuz, he continued, said in his ruling that “the family had nothing to do with the murder, that the family weren’t responsible for the murder. Did he ask the family whether they were going to give up on their salary that they’re being paid by the Palestinian Authority? On the fact that they’re now going to be rich for the rest of their lives? They’ve guaranteed their salaries for the rest of their lives. They’ve guaranteed their standing within their terrorist village. They will forever be remembered as the family of the terrorist who murdered an Israeli soldier and got away with it.”

“The murderer will possibly sit in jail, but they will enjoy all the glory of being the children of the murderer in the financial security that the Palestinian Authority will give to them. Meni Mazuz did that today. A judge in Israel’s High Court of Justice signed a lie which made Jewish blood run through the streets,” added Hirsch.

Demolition of the homes of terrorists isn’t meant to punish their families but to deter other terrorists from carrying out attacks, said Hirsch.

“If we don’t destroy the houses, other terrorists will look around and say, ‘They got away with it.’ Other Jews will be murdered because of Meni Mazuz. That is the lie that he signed today. And that’s why we’re here in the center of Jerusalem, demonstrating against Meni Mazuz and the lies that he spread today.”