Bennett Flash 90

Former Defense Minister and Yamina Chairman Naftali Bennett dedicated his speech at the Knesset plenum tonight to the Supreme Court decision not to destroy the house of fighter Amit Ben Yigal's murderer.

"The Supreme Court decision is like a stick in the eye. I ask the judges Mazuz and Kara, what were you thinking? An injustice that is so extreme, so stinging to the eye, so stinging to the heart, that one can hardly digest it. Such an injustice is the Supreme Court ruling today, not to destroy the house of the murderer of the warrior Amit Ben Yigal, may his memory be a blessing. An IDF fighter who fell while I was Defense Minister, the only one who fell during that period," Bennett said.

Bennett lamented that "this is an upside-down world, a world of Sodom and Gomorrah. A world where bad things happen to good people and good things happen to bad people. A world where Supreme Court judges feel compassion for the murderer's family, for the walls, for the pictures, for the tables in the killer's house, while they don't see the fighter who fell.

"Amit Ben Yigal was the only son of his father Baruch. I talked to Baruch minutes after the ruling. Baruch was at the cemetery near his son's grave at the time and he was just weeping. He lowered the flag to half mast. He was there alone. He talked about the humiliation, the injustice," Bennett added.

"I ask Judges Mazuz and Kara, what were you thinking? When did you break away from that most natural thing that explains to us what is good, and what is bad? You accept a distorted system of so-called human rights for the bad guys," he concluded.

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