Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu today opened the Likud faction meeting by rejecting the ultimatum issued by Benny Gantz at the beginning of the Blue and White faction meeting.

"We don't need 24 hours, we don't even need 24 minutes. We have a budget prepared and adapted to the coronavirus crisis, exactly what the citizens of Israel need today," Netanyahu said.

He said, "It pours money into the pockets of the citizens, also into the businesses, it's ready and that's what needs to be transferred and it can be done immediately."

On Blue and White's two day ultimatum, Netanyahu said, "I'm also not impressed by all these Iranian and North Korean laws to trample the will of the voter on behalf of those unable to win at the ballot box. Not 24 hours and not 24 minutes; there's a budget ready and it needs to be done now."

Netanyahu also referred to the Supreme Court ruling, "This is an unfortunate decision by the Supreme Court that refused our request to demolish the house of the terrorist who murdered the late IDF soldier Amit Ben Yigal, who was an only son of his parents," Netanyahu tweeted.

"I demand a further hearing with an expanded panel of judges. We mustn't give in to terror. My policy as Prime Minister is to demolish terrorist's homes and I intend to continue with it," the Prime Minister added.

Netanyahu attacked Blue and White conduct: "In order to be successful, we need a stable and efficient government. The previous government was a unified government that operated, not a government within a government."