bereaved father lowers flag
bereaved father lowers flagpicture taken from Facebook

Baruch Ben Yigal, the father of Sgt. Amit Ben Yigal went to his son's grave after the following the Supreme Court's decision Monday to prevent the destruction of the house of the terrorist who murdered his son.

"I lowered the Israeli flag to half-mast," the father said in tears, "I feel humiliated, the flag should not be up on this day. This is a terrible for the State of Israel."

"I talked to Naftali Bennett who was the defense minister while Amit fell, I told him 'I feel humiliated'. Here is the Israeli flag on the half-mast, it should not be up on this day," he added.

He said, "This is a terrible day for the State of Israel, this is a terri9le day for our pure combat IDF soldiers. We have a great army, we have an excellent army, with an excellent chief of staff, great commanders and great warriors."

The IDF was set to demolish the home of Nizmi Abu Bakr, the 49-year-old terrorist and resident of the Palestinian Authority-controlled town of Yabad in the Jenin district.

On Monday, however, the court ruled two-to-one in favor an appeal filed on behalf of the terrorist’s wife and eight children.

Justices Menny Mazuz and George Kara ruled in favor of the appeal, cancelling the demolition order, while the third justice on the panel, Yael Vilner, opposed the appeal, saying that the demolition order had been signed in accordance with the law.

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