Daf Yomi Shiurm
Daf Yomi Shiurm Meorot Hadaf Hayomi

Eruvin has always been known as a challenging Masechta... but b"H it has just got a whole lot easier!

The Daf Academy is excited to announce a unique opportunity to learn this Masechta in an immersive and dynamic way that will PG turn that challenge into a fascinating and enjoyable journey.

The Daf Academy will be using the classic and captivating graphics of Meorot Hadaf Hayomi for a visual and experiential journey through the one hundred pages of this Masechta. The graphics will be woven into the flow of the Gemara to make a seamless and easily understandable process of learning. This new feature will be built on the back of the already highly popular visualizations and graphics that our team has been pioneering over the last few months of the Daf Yomi cycle.

Enrollment for Maseches Eruvin is now open on the academy website. You can enroll for the entire one hundred daf for the reduced rate of $99 by clicking here. (A payment plan is available to pay this over the three months that we will be learning the Masechta).

Alternatively you can sign up for the first module of approximately one third of the Masechta for $49 by clicking here.

It's the closest you will get to having a rabbi right in front of you, guiding you through the intricacies of Shas.

About The Daf Academy

The Daf Academy was founded at the beginning of the fourteenth cycle of Daf Yomi by Rabbi Ari Taback, an experienced teacher and Maggid Shiur in Johannesburg, South Africa. After teaching the entire thirteenth cycle of the Daf Yomi, Rabbi Taback saw a need to provide visual "anchor points" for the ideas being covered in the shiur, especially considering the rapid rate at which material is covered in Daf Yomi. Since its inception, the "academy" has revolutionized the learning of Daf Yomi with thousands of hours of high quality Torah been achieved by students from around the world. The Daf Academy platform provides multiple resources for each Daf including "Zoom Out" overviews, "Snapshot" summaries and audio content.

But the heart of the academy's platform is the dynamic videos in which Rabbi Taback presents the Daf using the latest screencasting technology, showing the text of the gemara in highly readable marked-up form, diagrams and illustrations to make the learning a rich and multi-dimensional experience.

Rabbi Taback, a published author through Artscroll, is renown for his exceptionally clear delivery of the Daf, combining eloquent English translation with crystal-clear explanation and insights.

To sign up for Maseches Eiruvin at the reduced rate of $99 click here

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