Sexual assault victim (stock image)
Sexual assault victim (stock image)i-Stock

Israeli police arrested a Palestinian Authority resident Saturday night, in connection with the attempted kidnapping and sexual assault of an Israeli woman last week.

The suspect, a 25-year-ol resident of the PA-controlled town of Azzun in Samaria, is slated to be brought before an IDF court in Samaria for an extension of his arrest.

Last Thursday at around 11:00 a.m., a young Israeli woman hitchhiking at the Giti Avisar Junction in Samaria was forced into a car with PA license plates.

The young woman, a resident of the Israeli town of Kedumim in Samaria, was forced into the car by the passengers.

After the woman was forced into the car the vehicle drove off, and the driver attempted to sexually assault the young woman. The young woman resisted and was lightly injured, and managed to jump out of the car shortly thereafter when the vehicle stopped.