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Truth is a force of nature. A pillar of the world. Truth makes sense, it lines up neatly and organizes itself. Truth is like a beautiful smokestack, it always rises. It just needs a vent, a channel to come through, a willing medium. Truth is not high maintenance, it will use a single ordinary conduit if it has to. After that, truth will get to work. It will move freely in the world and enter the ears of souls awake enough to hear it. Truth will catch momentum and win the day. Why? Because the force of God Himself is behind it. There are times that truth needs brave voices willing to risk life and livelihood to speak it. So why do they do it? Simple answer. Nothing feels better to your insides than the truth. Truth revives the soul, refreshes the spirit and clears the conscience.

Lies are disorienting, suffocating, confusing. Lies are a sticky spider web. Lies get tangled inside themselves. Lies can spin a whole world upside down. Lies don't remember what they said from March until May. Lies shift goal posts and deny facts they presented last week, all with a smile. Mark Twain said, “If you tell the truth you don’t have to remember anything.” Truth remembers itself. A Lie can’t remember what it ate for lunch yesterday.

Lies say things like flatten the curve, when they mean flatten the economy. Or stay home, save lives, when they mean stay home, follow orders.

Lies scramble to their feet and run to block the truth. Why? Because the lifeblood of lies gets choked off by the truth. Lies will flail and grasp at anything to kill the truth. They will delete the truth so fast it will make your head spin. They don’t see how foolish this looks to the rest of us. Lies think we are stupid.

Inside these flagrant maneuvers of censorship is where lies reveal themselves. I mean how much more obvious can they be? They are like a kid who just snatched your candy bar and thinks you can’t see it hiding behind his back.

The obvious question arises. We are in a viral pandemic, and a medication was found that treats the virus. Not a new untested medicine, but an old trusty friend. Why didn't the powers that be breathe a collective sigh of relief? Why didn't the same people who jumped to spread the panic, jump to spread the calm?

The drug that was rediscovered has a similar safety profile to Tylenol. According to the CDC, HydoxyChloroQuine (HCQ) is even safe for pregnant and nursing mothers. So why is the scientific community harping on a side effect that occurs in mega doses? Any drug in mega dose is not safe. I wouldn't down half a bottle of advil. HCQ is standard travel medicine for people going to malarial countries. Millions of people have been taking it for decades, even compromised people with lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. According to Dr. Manny Sethi, this drug was prescribed five million times last year and is on the WHO list of 40 most essential medicines. HCQ was invented in 1934 by Bayer and has been safe ever since. So why has this established medication become almost impossible to access instead of easier? Ironic side note, HCQ is sold over the counter in Iraq.

On Aug. 22, 2005, the Virology Journal, a publication of the NIH, where Dr. Fauci has served as director since 1984, published a paper. It was a study on the effect of the drug Chloroquine on SARS-CoV. This study concluded that Chloroquine is a potent inhibitor of SARS Coronavirus infection and spread. “These inhibitory effects are observed when the cells are treated with the drug either before or after exposure to the virus, suggesting both prophylactic and therapeutic advantage.” Meaning, the drug proved itself to be effective as both a cure and a vaccine for SARS-Coronavirus in 2005.

If the NIH knew that this drug cured a strain of coronavirus back in 2005, why did they sit on this information in 2020? Shouldn’t a historically safe drug have been their first idea? Especially since we now know that Coronavirus is 78% identical to the SARS-CoV of 2005. Not so novel after all.

Good thing Dr. Zelenko did his own late night research. Early on, in a determined effort to save his sick patients, he stumbled across a YouTube channel called MedCram-Episode 34. This was where he first learned of the interplay between HQC and Zinc. It is simple microbiology. The HQC makes a small opening through the cell membrane so the zinc can slip inside and block the virus from replication. Zinc binds to the Viral enzyme and shuts it down. Dr. Zelenko said that he immediately understood that this information could save lives. He added a third drug, the Z-Pack, to prevent any secondary bacterial lung infection. This has come to be known as The Zelenko Protocol. His cocktail consists of three safe and effective FDA approved drugs, HCQ, Z-PACK and Zinc, all for under $20. Seemed like a slam dunk. Until it started meeting unexplainable resistance from the scientific community.

As a dentist, this situation seems similar to withholding proven antibiotics in the early stages of a dental abscess and watching the infection spread to the brain and kill the patient. What could have been easily treatable in the beginning stages, gets away from you and becomes something unmanageable and even deadly. Why would any health care provider do this?

I am confounded by another thing. Why haven’t the doctors and scientists of Israel looked into this easy and cheap remedy instead of shutting down a country? Who really knows what is going on behind the scenes anywhere anymore? Who is driving the bus? Either way, this has been an unparalleled lost opportunity to be a light unto the world. It has been profoundly disappointing. This situation has shown me something singular about America. We have constitutional legs of foundational freedom to fall back on. Because of them we can still walk in the street breathing as free citizens. I am grateful for America. I am in absolute awe of Sweden.

We are left with a blaring question. When doctors in the everyday trenches of COVID care started using HCQ, they found tremendous success in their patient population. Why wasn’t this success immediately picked up by the media and celebrated? Why wasn’t there a worldwide press conference announcing it’s rediscovery. Where are the front page headlines, “Old trusted medicine works to save lives, Pandemic over!”

A group of everyday, earnest doctors rallied at the steps of Capitol Hill last week in place of these missing headlines with one goal. To stop needless suffering and preventable death. They were censored at mach speed. I imagine the frenzied scenario at pandemic headquarters. Flashing strobe lights, blaring fog horn, honking red alerts, Danger, Incoming: Real doctors of America found an easy cure and they are trying to tell people. Must implement immediate threefold plan. Discredit their credentials, keep terrifying the people about side effects and delete every trace of their online existence.

Another important question to ponder. What could a group of career politicians and businessmen possibly stand to gain from suppressing the truth and terrifying a civilization. One possibility comes to mind: Total mind control. Either for political advantage or financial gain. Look around next time you are at the grocery store, they are halfway there. V’Hamalshinim in Shemoneh Esrei never felt so real or so important to me.

This 19th prayer was added during the time of Raban Gamliel after the destruction of the Second Temple to help safeguard Jews against Political Oppression and Informants. I found an article online by Rav Ezra Bick that explains the word Zeidim. “This phrase refers not to individual sinners, or even enemies, but to the principal of political oppression, the center of enmity to God's rule. ..this (prayer) is a request for VICTORY, for victory of God Himself over the forces of evil, over those who banish his name from the world.” The kingdom of God is impossible as long as the world is in the clutches of forces dedicated to erasing His name. I feel a chill in my bones. I just watched a video that popped on my feed this morning from February, of Jerry Nadler promoting omission of the words, “So Help Me God” from the swearing in process before the House Judiciary Subcommittee. The enemy looks different in each generation. There is a striking correlation between the people looking to erase the name of God and to the people looking to withhold life saving medication. They all seem to affiliate with the same political party.

The faces of these Frontline Doctors held crystal clear sincerity to me. If you are someone who didn't see them this way, ask yourself one question. What do these frontline doctors stand to gain? They only have huge things to lose. Like their reputations, livelihoods and lives. Yet they stepped forward. Why? Because of moral conscience. How could they sit on a life preserver and watch other people drown.

The stubbornness of people who turn their face from truth astounds me. The sheer inability to reject a tainted rhetoric they have been fed by a self serving media. To be Modeh Al Ha’Emes is the rarest commodity. Ask yourself: If my parent or child was suffering with coronavirus, would I want them given an opportunity to try this drug? The real truth is found inside your answer to that question.

I would like to stop and feel a moment of immense gratitude for some hidden miracles during this time. Thank you Hashem that this disease, wherever it came from, lab or nature, wasn’t worse than it was. Thank You that the death rate keeps falling. Thank You that a cure was found! An easy and inexpensive cure! Thank you to Dr. Zelenko for finding it and risking your own life to bring it to us. He goes down a bearded Jewish hero of the day. I just watched a video of him recovering at home after surgery. He said, “We will win.” I believe him. He is a conduit for truth and for hope. May Hashem continue to keep him healthy and safe. He reminds me that Hashem always prepares the Refua before the Makkah. Dr. Zelenko also reminds me that as hard as people try to grab the wheel, it is still Hashem driving the bus.

This is not a time to stay neutral. Whoever has their receptors open for truth and can hear it, needs to speak it, write it, and share it. As Dr. Zelenko said, “The enemy is a cornered animal right now. They know they are being exposed and they have blood on their hands.” He asks us to be steadfast in our will and resolve, keep pressing for the truth.

The Ramchal said, “Truth is one of the very foundations upon which the world stands. As this is so, when you speak falsely it is as if you are nudging at the world’s foundation.” The first time Dr. Fauci took the mic, I felt a rumbling. Ever since he spoke the world has been off kilter. The planet has gone lopsided. This foundation will be made upright. Every person that steps forward in truth comes to hold it steady.

Gila is a wife, mother and dentist living in Cedarhurst NY. Hoping to live in Israel soon. Trying to bring God into the conversation.