Road in Samaria
Road in Samaria Garrett Mills/Flash 90

A young Jewish woman hitchhiking at the Giti Avasar Junction in Samaria was today forced into a Palestinian Arab car, which then drove off.

Around 11 am, a red Mazda with PA license plates stopped near the young woman, a resident of Kedumim. .

At first, the car passed her without stopping, but then it turned around and stopped near the bus station at which she was standing. She was forced into the car by the Arabs traveling in the car, which began driving away.

The young woman immediately called her sister and told her what was happening. During the drive, on the road between the communities of Yakir and Emmanuel, she jumped from the car, saving herself.

Another car picked her up and, from there, traveled immediately to the police station in Karnei Shomron. At this time, the youth is with her sister at the police station, reporting the incident.

According to police, the driver attempted to commit a sexual assault on the young woman, lightly injuring her. When he stopped the vehicle she took the chance to flee.

Police believe the incident was criminal in nature and not a terrorist kidnapping attempt.

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