Binyamin Netanyahu
Binyamin Netanyahu Reuters

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu this afternoon opened the Likud faction meeting with the coronavirus and the need to take action to reduce the number of carriers.

"The morbidity situation in Israel is high and we must reduce it. We're trying to avoid the possibility of a general closure for the whole country. The other options are local closures on red cities, night closures, and weekend closures," Netanyahu noted.

Regarding opening the school year, the Prime Minister said, "If we lower the morbidity threshold, we can open the school year."

Netanyahu explained his insistence on the budget issue and said, "I've passed 15-16 budgets and I say that making a biennial budget today is the opposite of what needs to be done."

"We'll cause that instead of the economy rising it will shrink. A biennial budget means cuts. This is not the time for cuts. An immediate budget is the order of the day," he added.

The Prime Minister called on members of the Likud faction to work together, "Unity in the Likud is key to leading the country, I hope also unity in the government."

He later attacked the media, "In these times while we're fighting on several fronts one could at least expect media fairness.

"The order of the day is unity. No one wants elections and there's no reason for there to be elections," Netanyahu said.

Referring to the security incidents: "The IDF thwarted attempted sabotage on the Syrian front last night. We will harm anyone who tries to harm us and anyone who harms us - this principle applies."

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