Moshe Lion
Moshe LionYossi Zamir

The Palestinian Authority “foreign ministry” on Sunday condemned the decision of the Jerusalem Local Planning and Construction Committee to establish an employment complex in the Issawiya neighborhood, in the eastern part of the city.

In a statement, the “foreign ministry” called on the international community to take responsibility for this issue in light of the "dangerous settlement escalation" and condemned the remarks of Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Lion regarding the plan to “Judaize” the Old City.

"The announcement by the Jerusalem Municipality to begin implementing a new Judaization plan in the east of the city is part of a series of ongoing Israeli attacks on the Holy City, and is being carried out in an attempt to establish the annexation of the city, make it Israeli, change its reality and identity and separate it from the Palestinian space,” the statement added.

The “foreign ministry” described the Israeli policy as "an open war against Jerusalem and the Palestinian national and physical presence in it."