Kelner on tour in Baka
Kelner on tour in Bakaללא

MK Ariel Kelner (Likud) toured a number of volatile locations, which have, over the years, become the sites of clashes between anarchist activists and IDF soldiers. He was accompanied by members of the grassroots Zionist Im Tirzu movement, as they made a number of stops in the Jordan Valley and Binyamin region, where radical leftists have assaulted IDF soldiers during operational activities.

The tour opened near a farm in the Jordan Valley where Kelner met local residents who recounted the everyday grind of having to face off with activists, who harass soldiers in an attempt to undermine daily life in the area. The sole reasons for the provocations are the anarchists' radical beliefs and love of money.

"Today, I came face-to-face with what IDF soldiers experience every day when facing individuals who praise human rights above all else, but make life for IDF soldiers hell in the process. I'm determined to act with all the parliamentary tools at my disposal to eradicate this phenomenon," Kelner said at the end of the day's tour.

Yehuda Sharabani, head of the projects division of Im Tirzu, said: "We thank MK Ariel Kelner, who came to witness the harassment of IDF soldiers by radical left-wing activists. The phenomenon of soldiers getting harassed while putting their lives on the line needs to come to an end."