Child abuse, sad boy
Child abuse, sad boy iStock

Shocking security footage from a nursery in Ramla showed four assistants abusing the children under their care for several days by throwing packages of baby wipes at their heads.

Investigators who watched the footage stated that the aides had developed a "game" of throwing wipes at the toddlers' heads. In some cases the children fell after losing their balance and started crying.

In one video, the children can be seen placing their hands on their heads in anticipation of a blow when one of the aides reached for a package of wipes.

The court cleared the names of the suspects for publication today. The suspects were named as Ruhama Saad, Nirit Shveed, Orly Shragani, and Hani Tzatshvili. Their detention was extended Thursday morning until next Monday. All four are being held on suspicion of assaulting a helpless minor.

"The camera videos cannot be interpreted any differently," the Ramla Magistrate's Court judge stated in his ruling. "There is a reasonable basis for a high level of suspicion against them. The additional investigative materials also support the suspicions. The danger presented by the suspects is significant because there are many cases. During the investigation it became clear that there was a number of people involved."

The court has not permitted the publication of the videos in which the abuse was documented.

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