gun (illustration)
gun (illustration) istock

Tisha B'Av prayers were interrupted in the Samaria community of Kedumim Wednesday evening when residents heard gunshots originating from a nearby Arab village.

An investigation revealed that the gunfire was part of the celebration of the release of a terrorist who lived in the village. The terrorist had been serving a 14-year sentence in an Israeli prison. The IDF had decided to allow the carrying of weapons and the use of live ammunition within the village.

The Israeli residents were furious at the conduct of the army. "It is inconceivable that the commander of the Samaria Brigade, Col. Roi Zweig, and the division commander, Brigadier General Yaniv Alaluf, would allow terrorists to walk around carrying weapons and shoot as they please in the area."

"Are we at the mercy of the murderous enemy who can point his weapon at any given moment at IDF soldiers and at Jewish residents? Where is Netanyahu? Where is Gantz?" the residents asked.