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Rabbi Benyahu Bruner, the Rosh Yeshiva of the Tzfat hesder yeshiva, Mitzpe Yericho Chief Rabbi Yehuda Kroizer, Rabbi Elisha Wolfson, and other leading religious Zionist rabbis issued a special call during the Nine Days and Tisha B'Av for the public to support organizations working on behalf of the Temple Mount .

Rabbi Bruner said in a video which was filmed on the Temple Mount: "We are in the days between the fasts. The sages say that this mourning is ancient - it has gone on for too long. Our goal is for this mourning to end. This mourning can only be ended by us redeeming the place [of the Holy Temple]. Therefore, I would like to thank all those who will donate to the Temple Mount organizations generously so that they can continue their activities with more vigor and courage for the redemption of the Temple Mount."

Rabbi Kroizer also called on Israelis to donate to the Temple Mount organizations. "The Temple will be built with deeds - by going up on the mountain, studying matters related to the Holy Temple, and practical lessons on how to actual rebuild the Temple. In order to be partners in the work, one can also be a partner in the activities of the headquarters of the Temple Mount organizations, which work very hard, encourage aliyah, put out publications on the importance of the Temple, and have staffs which synergize all the issues related to the Temple. Therefore, it is precisely in these days, when everyone wants not only to mourn the destruction, but also to act towards building the Temple, there is nothing like being a partner in donating to the Temple Mount organizations."

Rabbi Elisha Wolfson added: "Some people dedicate their lives every day to bring about the possibility that we ascend the Temple Mount in purity as the descendants of kings. We must show tremendous gratitude to the Temple Mount organizations for the work they do day and night for the people of Israel, the Almighty, and the Temple Mount. Anyone who gives of his money to this great cause is praiseworthy. All who long to be close to G-d, be strong and of good courage.

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The campaign was launched last week to raise money for the Temple Mount organizations during the Nine Days, the period of mourning for the destruction of the Holy Temple and Jerusalem. So far, the campaign has raised half of the targeted amount.

The Temple Mount organizations released a statement saying that "it is time to respond to the call of the great rabbis, and open our hearts so that we can continue to work with dedication for the house of G-d and the Temple Mount. Thanks to the headquarters' activity in recent years, the number of Jews visiting the mountain has doubled and even tripled, the police treat Jewish visitors with politeness, and today the police even allow people to hold silent prayers on the Temple Mount, which until a few years ago would have seemed like a mere dream. Help us o that we can continue this blessed work."

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