Hauser Knesset Spokeswoman Adina Wallman

The Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee will hold a discussion tomorrow on the parts of Judea and Samaria agreed to in the Oslo Accords as "Area C", under full Israeli civil and security authority. The aim of the discussion is for Committee members to initiate a significant move to allow for Israeli sovereignty in those areas.

Talk in the Right in recent days suggests the political echelon is trying to influence Committee Chairman MK Zvi Hauser to avoid holding the debate in question as long as there are talks with the Americans about applying sovereignty and the Trump plan.

This, after discussion on the issue was postponed twice, both due to a burden on the Committee related to the coronavirus and also because Hauser was in isolation for several days.

Hauser has been examining the issue recently and had discussions with professionals who are well-versed in Palestinian Authority land theft that is taking place, and has been presented with maps that accurately show the illegal PA takeover in these areas.

A senior source on the Right told Arutz Sheva that he believes the Committee Chairman will not succumb to political pressure: "Hauser recently sounded very committed to the issue and also held meetings with people who have dealt with the lack of governance in Area C and know it in-depth. The situation on the ground speaks for itself and it's time for the State of Israel to wake up and start acting, before it discovers that large parts of the territories under its control have been seized by the Palestinians in practice."

In the discussion, the Regavim movement is expected to raise new findings on the scope of the takeover over the past year, emphasizing changes that have taken place in the field since Trump's statement on the Deal of the Century following which, the Palestinian Authority began a "construction race" with the aim of establishing facts on the ground, especially in areas where Israeli sovereignty is planned according to Trump's statement.

Regavim Director Meir Deutsch notes, "Several months ago, we toured Gush Etzion with Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee Chairman Zvi Hauser, who was aware that a real war was taking place in the area. We're confident that tomorrow's discussion in the Committee will be significant in deepening the State of Israel's treatment of this story."