Coronavirus Czar Prof. Roni Gamzu gave a televised address in which he presented his plan to defeat the coronavirus.

Prof. Gamzu, who was appointed to lead the government's fight against the coronavirus last week, said that the government would continue to enforce coronavirus restrictions, but “we won’t allow any more restrictions without logic behind them. I will not allow harm to economy without a logical reason, I am responsible.”

He added that the imposition of a general closure would be a last resort.

Prof. Gamzu warned that hospitals are in danger of being overwhelmed by the number of new coronavirus patients, and that he therefore worked to formulate a plan to deal with the crisis quickly.

The plan includes greater transparency from the government in explaining the reasons for restrictions on specific economic activities.

The plan also calls for granting more responsibility for the isolation and tracking of coronavirus patients to the IDF.

The public is called on to be more diligent in wearing masks, maintaining social distancing, and guarding hygiene.

The rate of testing will be increased and there will be more oversight of the government's efforts to combat the disease.

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