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A Ramallah-area mosque went up in flames on Sunday night.

Parts of the mosque, which is situated in the Palestinian Authority (PA) city of Al-Bireh, were burned, and on one of its walls the words, "Siege on the Arabs, not on the Jews," were written.

Arab media have reported that the arsonists arrived at the scene and attempted various tactics to set the building on fire. When they saw that the building was burning, they escaped the scene.

The PA's department for holy sites called the incident a "hate crime," and laid the blame on the Israeli government.

Economy Minister Amir Peretz (Labor) responded: "We must prosecute the criminals, who acted with hatred and burned a mosque, and attempted to set the entire area on fire."

"The virus of hatred, like coronavirus, is the shared enemy of all religions and nations in the world. As we all fight the coronavirus together, we must act together to eliminate the virus of hatred and to do everything possible to prevent additional wars."