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The Education Ministry began to reimburse parents and students for the winter trips to Poland which were canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic Sunday.

Education Minister Galant said this morning; "The delay of the trip to Poland for months has caused injustice to the students and their parents. Upon taking office I pledged to correct this, and starting today the students and their parents will get back the money they paid according to the law."

A survey conducted by the ministry together with the travel companies shows that about 10,000 students are entitled to a refund totaling NIS 20 million ($5,860,000).

The process of refunding the trips to Poland is expected to last through September and will be carried out through the travel companies or the schools.

The repayment date is expected to vary from company to company, so parents and students must receive updates through the travel companies, the schools, or the Education Ministry A dedicated call center has also been set up for the duration of the process.