Rabbi Tau,
Rabbi Tau, picture used with permission of Noam party

The Noam party signaled that it may be seeking a comeback Saturday night.

The party sent a message to its members last night saying that "it is clear to everyone that the Likud party and the Yamina party cannot be trusted."

The Noam party, under Har Hamor Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Tzvi Tau had run in the elections for the 22nd Knesset in 2019 but withdrew from the race a few days before the election.

Now, after a bill banning conversion therapy for homosexuals passed its first reading in the Knesset last week, that party said that "the bill that bans help and psychological assistance to those seeking to maintain a natural family life, which was passed in a preliminary reading in the Knesset this week, should serve as a red light for all of us.

"Extreme left-wing organizations, aided by foreign elements, the Supreme Court, the Attorney General's Office and their political representatives in the Knesset, are riding the waves of anxiety in the public and are trying, with considerable success, to make the general public angry and get the, to quarrel over any decision the Israeli government makes these days."

"These moves serve the interests of an extreme left-wing minority whose sole purpose is to create demoralization and anarchy among the public and thereby overthrow the prime minister, in stark contrast to the election results," they wrote. "But it is not enough. Quietly, almost without us noticing, these elements are working to make the State of Israel a state of all its citizens, erase our national and personal identity and divide the country into two states, and to create legal-cultural precedents that endanger natural human existence and health and which are against the Torah, against the family, against the people and against the land."

"Unfortunately, these days it is clear to everyone that the Likud party can no longer be trusted to prevent such anti-religious and anti-Jewish legislation, and unfortunately, it is no longer possible to trust the Yamina party when three of its five members did not see fit to oppose such a destructive bill. This shows once again how vital the Noam Party is in the political landscape of our country."

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