The lost ring from Gush Katif
The lost ring from Gush Katifצילום: מוריה תעסן-מיכאלי

A ring which was found in a synagogue in Gush Katif just before the Jewish communities of Gaza were destroyed has found its way back to its owner after 15 years.

Moriah Tassen-Michaeli was 19-years-old when the Disengagement was carried out. She was in charge of a group of girls who had gathered in the synagogue in Neve Dekalim.

"On one of our last days there, someone approached me with a beautiful ring and said that she found it in the bathroom. We tried to find the person who lost it, but we couldn't find her," Tassen-Michaeli wrote on Facebook. "In the years that followed I continued to ask around and search for the owner, but I sdtill couldn't find her."

"Rosh Chodesh Av brings with it a contemplative spirit, and this made me remember it. Today there is Facebook and greater connections, so together we can find the young woman who lost this ring which is made of three different kinds of gold in the sink at the Neve Dekalim synagogue," she wrote.

The post, which received hundreds of shares and comments, eventually reached the woman who lost the ring all those years ago, even though she does not have Facebook. The search for the ring's owner crossed over to different social media platforms including WhatsApp, where she saw it and was shocked to see that her lost ring had been found.

"She was in shock and told me that she did not know at all where she lost the ring in the dozens of conferences that held were in the synagogue in Neve Dekalim before the deportation," Moriah said. "At first she searched for it a lot, but in all the hustle and bustle of the deportation she did not have a prayer of finding it."

Moriah thanked all those who shared her posts and helped her find the ring's owner.