UTJ meeting
UTJ meeting United Torah Judaism

The United Torah Judaism party held an urgent meeting Wednesday following what it called a breach of the coalition agreement in which the Blue and White party supported a bill which would ban conversion therapy for people who identify as homosexual in Israel.

"Blue and White has harmed the trust and partnership it built with UTJ. We are no longer bound by any agreement with them," the party said in a statement,

"We also hold the Likud faction and the prime minister responsible for the violation of the agreement and for breaking down the walls of Judaism - both those who voted in favor and those who voted with their feet and were absent," the statement continued.

UTJ plans to submit a number of bills on religion and state in the coming weeks. The party had previously held back from submitting the bills due to the coalition agreement.

"Today we will vote in favor of the coronavirus law in the name of the sacred halakhic principle of preserving lives. Apart from that, we see ourselves as not bound by the coalition agreement and will consider our next steps accordingly," the party's statement concluded.